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The Introverts Corner

I am an introvert. I don’t want to make small talk, but you can tell me about your childhood or your deepest, darkest fears, and I will stay rapt to your every word. You want to go out? I’d love to, as long as it’s you and me, and maybe one other person, for dinner or drinks where we can have a good conversation. I’ll still waver right before I leave the house, dreaming of my pajamas and a good book, not because I don’t want to see you, but because it takes a lot of energy to interact with people.

I’ve always done better one-on-one and have been shy my entire life. Though, as I got older, I learned to “fake it” and engage in small talk when necessary. Crowds overwhelm me, and I spend an excessive amount of time planning how to avoid them (The grocery store is a big NO on the weekends!). Yet, I must go out into the world and interact with the masses. When I do, I find I’m glad I did, but I am grateful to return to the solitude of my home. Once, Mr. Mer and I did New Year’s Eve in Times Square. Talk about a crowd! I had a blast, but I’ll be perfectly fine if I never do it again.

So, is it any surprise that I would befriend other introverts? One of those friends is the author, Susan Scott Shelley. We decided over lunch that it would be fun to start a YouTube channel (Don’t ask me where this came from, there wasn’t even any alcohol involved). And so was born The Introverts Corner.

Susan and I will take on simple and not so simple tasks — from decorating to lifestyle to activities and hobbies — indoors and out in the world. Introverts unite! (but mostly separately, and in our own homes). Susan came up with that, and it makes me giggle every time because it’s so true!

This month we carved pumpkins for the first time. I know, I know it’s hard to believe that two adults have never carved pumpkins on their own, but that falls under Mr. Mer’s parenting job description. If you have ideas on what we should do next, let us know.

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