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Stay is Live!

Stay, the final book in the Love & Rugby: Season of Love series is now available! The fab Susan Scott Shelley and I loved writing Seth and Devonte. They are two of the sweetest guys! This friends to lovers, second chance romance has low angst and lots of steam. :)

Florist Seth Stevens loves his job, even if being the sole bearer of his family’s legacy weighs too heavy at times. Needing to hire short-term help for the winter, he’s shocked when his ex-boyfriend Devonte volunteers. For the first time in the fifteen years of friendship since their college romance, both men are unattached. Though he shouldn’t mix business with pleasure, Seth longs to resume what they once had.

Devonte Brooks prides himself on being a good son, a hard worker, and a loyal friend. He’s always ready to lend a hand, and when it comes to Seth, Devonte will do anything for the man who still holds a large portion of his heart. Working at Seth’s gives him supplemental income until the landscaping business he inherited from his uncle resumes in the spring, but won’t solve the problem of a new, rival company poaching his clients.

Spending nearly every day together, the pair realize how in sync they are in work, play, and strive to help each other achieve their dreams. But family ties and new opportunities tug Devonte toward a life that will take him far away from Seth, as they did fifteen years ago. With history threatening to repeat itself, will they choose each other, or will all the petals fall off their blooming relationship?

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