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License to Chill
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Colden Frias wants to be left alone. His job as a recruiter for SPAM in a town that has more people with superhuman powers per capita than any other city in the United States should keep him busy. Thankfully, the people of Eternity happily leave him alone unless they want a book recommendation or his banana bread recipe (not that he’ll ever give up the recipe) giving him plenty of time to read romance novels and keep his aunt from inadvertently burning down his house. However, when his best friend begs Colden to help his baby brother, Colden can’t say no, and his quiet life dissolves into a puddle of chaos.

Happy the project his nine-year-old self dreamed of is coming to fruition, PhD student Neo Price wants to share his “VirtUal” technology with the world. No one should be lonely, and if the virtual persona of a loved one also eases the grief of losing them, all the better. But when outside entities want to pirate Neo’s technology for nefarious reasons, he’ll do everything he can to keep it secure. Even if it means pairing with his brother’s best friend, the man who crushed his heart five years ago.


Caught in a world of subterfuge, seizure, and superheroes—well, not quite super—Neo finds his infatuation with Colden growing with every minute they spend together. Colden will stop at nothing to protect Neo, even if it means denying his feelings for the most radiant man he knows. With the help of a motley crew of reluctant warriors, can Colden and Neo find their own love story while saving the world? Okay, maybe not the world, but at least their little part of it!


License to Chill is part of the multi-author Subparheroes MM Romance series.

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