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Behind the Mask is Here!

The third book in the Philadelphia Power series is now available! Behind the Mask features the Power's star goalie, their fun-loving mascot, two adorable dogs, and supportive family and friends. No need to worry about a third act breakup because Sawyer and Ryder aren't about angst. :)

Ryder Stone loves making people happy. He’s worked hard to turn Striker, the mascot for the Philadelphia Power, into a beloved fixture and fan favorite. Being Striker has given Ryder his livelihood, his friend group, and his best friend Sawyer, who’s been Ryder’s biggest cheerleader in their nearly decade-long friendship. But now, he’s seeing Sawyer in a new light. A romantic one.

Starting goalie for the Power, Sawyer Garcia, is a dog lover passionate about pet adoption, painting, hockey, and his friendships. The veteran hockey player has spent the last nine years in Philly, and his best friend Ryder is the reason the city feels like home. He’s a planner, but doesn’t know what to do about the feelings he’s developed for Ryder, the most important person in his world.

One impulsive kiss changes everything and turns their worlds upside down. They’ve always clicked so well together and know each other better than anyone. Crossing the line from best friends to lovers has the potential to ruin their friendship, but also to give them more than they ever thought possible.

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