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Susan Scott Shelley and I are thrilled to share Owen, Greer, and Storm's story with you! Greer bugged us for about a year to tell his story and he surprised us by falling for Owen and Storm. :)

Greer Fox is a teacher, an actor, and a hopeless romantic. He has a life he adores, but longs to find a love like his friends have with their partners. Despite getting bruised, he keeps his heart open. Catching feelings for Owen Kim, his secret hookup buddy from his rugby club surprises Greer, but he’s open to exploring whatever might come from a relationship with Owen.

Physical therapist Owen Kim’s life has revolved around building and expanding his practice. In his black and white world, Greer provides the color. What started out as fun and casual has now opened his eyes to what he’s been missing, and Greer is the catalyst to exploring what he hasn’t let himself have in years.

A new year’s eve spent dancing and kissing with their mutual crush, meteorologist Storm Breen, gives the trio a taste of what can happen when desires are explored and the knowledge that they want more of what they can bring to each other.

Fitting each other into their lives is almost seamless and the trio clicks together like nothing else they’ve ever experienced. But their deepening bond also brings vulnerabilities to light. Neither Greer nor Storm have been in a relationship with more than one person before, and Owen fears the reason his last triad ended could repeat itself. Sharing secrets, needs, and feelings isn't easy for three men who have good reasons for keeping defenses in place, but if they don't learn to trust in each other, they risk losing everything.

SURPRISE is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Smashwords, Google Play, and Apple Books. Go to for all the links.

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