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Smolder Cover Reveal

Remember Finlay's matchmaking brother in Spark? Well, it's his turn to find love! Susan Scott Shelley and I are having a blast with our rugby boys.

Cameron Davidson is a devoted father, a marketing whiz for the company he owns with his siblings, and the captain of the over-thirty team for the inclusive rugby club he founded. His life is full, but he feels like something is missing. Exchanging messages with the anonymous, charming shopper who handles his groceries fills the void, but he longs to take their interactions into the real world. When Aspen Ocean, the attractive and aggravating captain of the under-thirty team, is revealed as the mystery man, Cam is forced to rethink their relationship and admit there’s more to his fascination with Aspen than his ever-changing hair color and kaleidoscope of tattoos.

Aspen Ocean loves being a makeup artist, his tight-knit friend group, and captaining the under-thirty rugby team. His second job as a personal shopper was supposed to give him extra income, not find him a boyfriend. He’s floored when the sexy single dad he’s been flirting with is actually Cameron, who has been a thorn in his side for the last five years. The discovery compels him to concede there’s something to the undercurrent of attraction swirling beneath their encounters on the pitch and acknowledge that he yearns to see what lies beneath the sarcasm and humor that Cam presents to the world.

The decision to get to know one another allows Cam and Aspen to see each other in a new light. Beyond the attraction and chemistry, they find support, caring, and a connection that deepens with each passing day. But Cam is protective about who he allows into his and his daughter’s lives and into their hearts, and Aspen feels ill-equipped to navigate anything traditional, including a relationship that is more than just him and Cam. Can the fire of what they’ve built blaze bright despite the obstacles, or will it fizzle out?

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