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Welcome to Friendship

I’m so excited about all of the fabulous events coming up this year!

First, Returning To Friendship, my debut novel, is being released in October (squee!). After years of having Thad and Julia bouncing around in my head, I finally get to share them with you. Thad is a sweetheart, even if he is clueless sometimes, and he’s a good balance for Julia, who can take life a smidge too seriously.

Then, in November the second book in the Returning to Friendship series, Running From Friendship, will be out. Xander is a bit lost, a bit tortured, and a whole lot yummy. He’s surly but Ollie doesn’t put up with his garbage, challenging him while showing him how to accept his gift (he’s an empath who sees auras), all while trying to be the first woman to win the Triple Crown. Yeah, she’s awesome.

I’m also involved with a project that will come out in April of 2020. I can’t say anything more right now, except I’m super excited about it. Stay tuned for more details.

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