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Spark is here!

Spark is finally here! Susan Scott Shelley and I began work on Finlay and Mateo's story during the last few weeks of December 2019. Little did we know how much fun we would have writing together or that this book would spark (See what I did there?:D) so many other ideas and stories.

This is the first novel in the Love & Rugby series. However, if you read Spiral, you caught a glimpse of Mateo and some of the other guys who play in the recreational ruby club.

SPARK is an M/M romance with:

*Falling for his teammate's brother (for Mateo)

*Falling for his brother's teammate (for Finlay)

*Rec league rugby

*Hurt Comfort

* Set in Philly

*Matchmaking family and teammates

*Plenty of heat

*Family & found family

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