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Shine is Here!

Are you ready for Hercules and Apollo? These two have been circling each other for a while. They're finally getting together in Book 3 in the Love & Rugby series. Susan Scott Shelley and I hope you enjoy this friends-to-lovers romance as much as we enjoyed writing it.

Hercules Hoffman has spent the last few years starting over, in a new job, new living situation, going back to college, and in a new role as manager of the inclusive rugby club he used to play for. His friendships are solid but with his life in transition, he doesn’t believe he has a lot to offer someone until the goals he’s working towards are achieved. From their first meeting on the pitch, Hercules sees Apollo as out of his reach, but the gentle giant is never far from his thoughts.

Zoologist Apollo Leos finds animals easier to understand than people. Joining the rec league rugby club pushed him out of his comfort zone and gave him a supportive friend group for the first time in his life. Slowly shedding the shields he developed to protect himself from the harshness of the world, he’s gaining confidence and the ability to relax and trust. Except when it comes to his attraction to Hercules. He’s never dated before and feels his inexperience will be seen as a hindrance to a relationship. Not knowing how Hercules will react to that information freezes him from making the first move.

After their matchmaking friends scheme to get them together, Hercules and Apollo take a tentative step that quickly falls into a heady rush of firsts. Kisses, dates, sharing pieces of themselves, they form a bond that opens up their worlds. As Hercules wars with doubts about himself and Apollo navigates the unfamiliar territory of a romantic relationship, their summer romance is tested by Hercules’s belief that people don’t stick around and Apollo’s worry about what will happen when he trusts someone with his heart.

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