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Family and Found Family Promotion

If you’re like me, you love stories that explore what it means to be family. Well, look no further! I’ve joined over forty amazing authors to share some of our favorite “Family and Found Family” stories with you. Family dynamics are fascinating, which is why so many movies, television shows, and books touch on them. I’ve been watching a lot of Supergirl with my daughter, and it’s all about family and finding family in friends. She and I have fun dissecting the relationships and how they all interact essentially as one big family.

There is definitely something for everyone with this group! Sugar Crush by Susan Scott Shelley and Starting from Zero by Lane Hayes are fabulous.

Sugar Crush is an opposites attract story with nice guys being sexy. Make sure you read this with cupcakes because you’ll be craving them, trust me!

If you’re interested in rock stars, then Starting from Zero and the entire Starting From series is for you. Who doesn’t love the rock band family?

You can check out all of the books in this group of LGBTQ authors at:

The promo runs from May 7th through May 10th.

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